4 Common Security Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

As companies are becoming more conscious about saving their firms from the attacks, many of them still commit a few errors. We have listed a few and how to avoid them to keep the snafus at bay.

  1. Not taking the admin accounts seriously

Your company may have multiple admin accounts that give a few employees full control over the essential hardware and services. It is a sign of danger. Admins have all control and have access to the keys to the virtual and cloud kingdoms. In other words, a hacker gaining access to an admin account can take down an entire company, and still that usually underestimated. Companies must take control of their admin accounts and ensure that it should only be given to those who need them. Add granular security, so that every account has access to only respective resources they need. This is because if the hackers do gain access on any of these accounts, they don’t have access to all the resources and won’t be able to cause much damage.

  1. Overlooking the security of IoT

Companies can easily forget that their IoT devices also need some security as they are also an easy target for hackers. These devices should be prioritized as much as the servers and other IT related systems are secured. In other words, keeping these devices patched and changing their backdoor passwords.

  1. Overlooking the comprehensive risk management framework

Companies usually establish a set of security systems and processes, but never consider the affliction caused by cyberattacks in the entire company. So, cyber security is deemed a technical issue that needs attention from IT department, instead of the entire company. This affects the security of the company as not every group will be aware of the cyber risks and be prepared for them. Every company needs a comprehensive risk management framework to clearly outline how cyber risks can be easily translated into business risks and how they can impact the company. The stakes are always high as companies may risk a fortune in cost and customer trust.

  1. Not patching

No matter what happens, always ensure that your systems are patched and updated. Never underestimate the vitality of the routine aspect of the company’s preventive security routine. Yet many companies underestimate and forget to integrate this into a healthy practice. There are infinite instances of unpatched vulnerabilities that cause successful cyberattacks with damages augmenting a fortune. The bad guys are aware of the weakest points. So, always be a vigilante to keep all the systems fully updated.

Post Author: Joseph Terecy

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