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Automatic summarization is a process in which, a computer software creates the summary of the given text. The software takes the most important keywords from the original text or article and shortens it. Automatic summarization reduces large text documents into short set of words or a smaller paragraph that depicts the proper meaning of the full text. 

Automatic summarizers work using two ways

  1. First way the automatic summarizers use is the extractive method which selects a subset of existing words, phrases or sentences in the original text and form summaries.
  2. Another way is abstractive method that builds an internal semantic representation and uses natural language generation techniques to create summaries that resembles to the human created summaries. This type of summary may contain words that are not present in the original text

Basically there are two types of automatic summarizations

  1. Key-phrase extraction is first type of automatic summarization which selects individual words or phrases to tag documents.
  2. In document summarization type the software selects whole sentences to create short paragraph summaries.

Software technologies that create coherent summaries generally consider document length, writing style and syntax into account to make useful summaries. There is a very vast use of summarized works and they are also used in almost every content area. In school days itself, students are taught how to pick out the most important ideas from a text, how to ignore irrelevant information, and how to form a smaller version of a large document and that too in a meaningful way. Summarization strategies can be used in almost every content area.

A summary basically shortens a larger work which can be a book, speech, and/or research project. It includes noticeably less content than the original text. Summaries save a reader’s time because they give a brief idea on the content of the main text and prevent the reader from having to actually go through and filter the important information from the originally longer version.

Summaries are used in every field of work. Even search engines like Google and Yahoo use automatic summarizers to give a brief description about the main article. The usage of these tools is very vast as it can be used by students, professionals, and scholars. Automatic summarization tools save many scholars’ and researchers’ time as instead of reading hundreds of study cases and articles, they can simply extract their summaries and use them for a faster investigations and research works.



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