CodeIgniter vs. Laravel- Select the Best PHP framework for Web development

Choosing the most appropriate PHP frameworks for your web and mobile app development is very important according to your requirements. There are several PHP MVC frameworks to choose from. CodeIgniter and Laravel are known to be the most renowned amongst all of them. If you wish to get result-oriented web and mobile app development Laravel and CodeIgniter are the best options. They are the frameworks which offer the highest security, extendability and flexibility.

PHP software development company also concentrates on choosing the best platform amongst CodeIgniter, Laravel and CakePHP. All these platforms offer trouble-free website and mobile app development. If you are looking for a cakePHP project, then you should seek help of a cakephp web development company. But, if you are choosing between CodeIgniter and Laravel, then here is a brief comparison for you:


It is an open source PHP framework used to create a dynamic websites. It was launched in 2006. The major feature of this framework is speed. In comparison to the other PHP frameworks, it is lighter and quicker. It is accredited software developed under MIT license. You can modify it with Hierarchical Model View Controller.

Some of the major features of CodeIgniter are given below:

  1. Session management
  2. Convenient URI Routing
  3. Highly light in weight
  4. MVC based system
  5. It offers full-featured database classes
  6. Offers data validation
  7. Big library
  8. SEO friendly URLs
  9. High database support

Advantages of using CodeIgniter PHP:

CodeIgniter is a quick, reliable and lightweight PHP structure. It works effectively because of its amazing features. It is a renowned platform which allows the developers to perform web development with great convenience. It has several features with a specific set of aspects to write code from the start by using enhanced technology. It works with all platforms, OS and servers. Codeigniter web development company lower the amount of code and allow you to focus on the project.


It is an open source PHP framework working on the MVC architecture. Made by Taylor Otwell, it is a free structure. PHP software development company offers advanced Laravel implementation. It is easy and simple to learn. It permits the developers to keep a check on the app code periodically.

Some of the major features of Laravel are given below:

  1. Offers top notch safety
  2. It offers unit testing
  3. Runs on MVC pattern.
  4. Assist to expand the database structure
  5. Has an object oriented library
  6. Offer in-built lightweight templates.
  7. Has a built-in tool for command line

Advantages of using Laravel PHP:

Laravel is an extremely loved PHP frameworks. It is being used by a lot of developing companies due to its robust feature. It also comes with mail integration service which permits user to sends notification to people. It allows creation of speedy application. The software handles all the errors automatically and adds to user satisfaction. It also takes less time in testing and offers automatic testing facility to developers.

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