Cyber Security Boosting Ways To Minimize Losses Caused By Hacking

Hacking is an uneventful reality of the cyber world. It comes as no surprise that every individual and company is equally at the risk of hacking. The common thread that makes everyone a target for unethical hackers is the internet. The Internet is like a jungle with unforeseen possibilities, and hacking happens to be a dark possibility of web exploitation. There are millions of users and companies that suffer annually due to a security breach.

Since the problem is so prevalent, a lot of cyber experts hold annual conferences, giving out valuable information on the newest technologies that can help in dealing with hackers successfully. If interested in learning about some such vastly effective anti-hacking technologies and tips, then keep tuned to this guide and read it all the way till the end.

Latest Cybersecurity Tricks And Tools To Defeat Hacking Attempts

Owing to the speed with which hackers are coming up with innovative and new ways to breach the security systems, you must also look forward to adopting new methods to combat them alongside still using the older ones. The best of all new and conventional methods to limit hacking risk are given below.

  1. Use Distributed Ledger Technologies

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) like blockchain is a revolutionary method of storing and sharing data and transaction history that’s far more secure and very different to hack than the conventional methods of data storage and money circulation

  1. Use Heat Mapping Technologies

Now, heat mapping technology is quite effective for boosting cybersecurity because it involves the identification of the most vulnerable problem areas of a company that requires maximum attention and strengthening. The cybersecurity team can then work towards fixing the bugs in those sections that contain most sensitive details that if hacked can reap disastrous results. The most common tools of Heat Mapping Technology include the following.

  1. Firewall Configuration – A firewall is a strong virtual wall that stands between hackers and the backdoor gateway of the security systems. When installed, it makes hacking a tedious task that most hackers like to avoid
  2. Antivirus Tools – Who knows which email and website are laced with phishing links, viruses, malware, and ransomware, right? Well, absolutely wrong. A strong antivirus can identify such malicious emails and websites; thereby, protecting you from getting hacked in no time
  3. Web Filtering Tools – These are the most effective ways to combat the widespread problem of spear phishing that’s ranked quite high in the list of ways that hackers prefer the most to gain a forceful and unwanted entry

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