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The Worpdress themes are more and more popular. You are always more likely to want to work from a graphics base already tested. Generally the themes reassure. But how to navigate through an increasingly important offer? Most project leaders are banking on security by opting for safe havens. The most sold themes. However, not that this apparent security conceals optimized themes and that the promises of simplicities are kept. To find out, we tested the top WordPress theme sales in 2019.


Avada is the most purchased WordPress theme of the theme forest platform. Developed by Theme Fusion, it boasts more than 350,000 downloads. X, the challenger has a little more than 150 000 which sets the scene. Known all over the world, you’ve probably met him before. But, then, does he really deserve his success? The use of the WP Forms coupon code comes essential here.

The promises

Avada attracts its customers with the same promise as most themes. Build your own website without any knowledge of coding. If you are still able to believe in this beautiful romance, we cannot do anything for you. For others, the Avada WordPress theme is above all ultra-complete and offers functionality in every way. It is both his strength and his weakness. It is so complete that it can become a nightmare. It will take you two days of work to understand how the theme works before talking about realizing your site. However, it is a multi-task theme that you can use for all your sites if you are motivated.


Side design, attention. Do not rely on the image presentation (a little old) that can be found in the demos of the theme. Like many competitors, Avada realized that by multiplying custom demos, he would increase his target. And that’s why you can find about thirty proposals depending on the activities. If you want to see examples “on the ground”, WinningWp offer you the 25 best uses of this WordPress theme.


So many that we will not be able to quote them all here. Just see the size of the theme page on theme forest. Be aware, however, in broad outline that Avada has a page builder, the Fusion Builder, which is clean and updated with version 5 of the theme. It also has the ability to create slideshows through different integrated modules. Last, it is compatible with all the most famous WordPress plugins.

The resources

Like most WordPress themes, you have access to support for a period of 6 months with the license. And if you have questions, you can use one of the many Francophone communities that you will find online and especially on social networks.


The Avada WordPress theme is not for everyone. If you are a beginner, go your way, you may lose a lot of time not to do what you want. On the other hand, if you have notions, Avada offers many interesting possibilities. It is a multi-tasking very functional but very complex.

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