How Social Media marketers use Famoid as their secret weapon

Marketers know that even though social media promotions can usually be fast and effective for known brands, new brands need help in building the right amount of followers and trust in the product. Once the followers of a brand grow there is better brand recognition, improved customer loyalty and high conversion rates. 

Social media followers are the ones that help campaigns go viral, while they also help increase consumer trust, aid in conversion rate optimization and metrics.  This can be a challenge for most people but the best social media marketers have a secret weapon that they rely on – FAMOID, the social media tool that is an ace up their sleeve. 

Following are some of the easier but important tactics that marketers rely on to increase the social media followers of a platform. 

Regular posts that speak to the consumer

It is relatively easy for posts to get lost in the huge traffic on social media and the countless feeds. That is why marketers ensure that there is a regular flow of messages. These messages need to be relevant to the business that they are promoting and they also need to be targeted toward the interested audience; otherwise the campaign has no meaning. 

Knowing the audience

Besides understanding the demographics (age, gender, city or country, and income) there are also other considerations that are important. Marketers regard the likes and dislikes of the targeted group and also which their preferred social media platform is. 

Using the right channel and message 

Not all promotions work the same across all social media platforms so marketers know which channels the targeted audiences prefer. Frequent postings also don’t work on all platforms so 10 tweets a day may be fine on Twitter, whereas the same number of posts on Facebook won’t have the same impact. 

Watching the competitors

Marketers do watch what competitors are doing on social media especially the content that they are sharing and what levels of engagement they reach. 

Great content goes viral 

The majority of adults today make online purchases and at least half of these rely on social media to make buying decisions. Besides understanding their audience, brands need to know that social media is visual and the audience don’t want large pieces of text. They usually only have a few seconds to spend on each feed. Content that work well are infographics, interactive contents, and images. 

Relationship Building

Followers grow with engagement and this helps brands build relationships with customers and followers. Messages need to be responded to in order to maintain connections that have been established. 

Hashtags and tagging

Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram are similar to keywords and they help to drive traffic to a brand. They should be relevant to the business and to what people search for. Followers are also increased when brands tag other pages, users and locations. 


Audiences blossom when competitions are introduced since existing followers like, share or comment on these, letting their followers see the post because of the engagement. 

Insights and analytics

These important figures show marketers if they are reaching the targets expected and from these they understand what is working and what may need to be changed. 

Making the most of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube campaigns

Visibility of all the social media platforms that a company is present on is important and their webpage should lead customers to these. 

Facebook is crucial for reaching prospective customers and also for building relationships and trust with them. Facebook users give the thumbs up to videos with many videos going viral. 

Instagram and Twitter are wonderful platforms for increasing customer engagement and their followers like live content and Instagram Stories. 

YouTube is the best channel for video marketing and it allows for highly increased followers and brand awareness. 

FAMOID – How marketers rely on this secret weapon:

Every marketer needs to rely on an organic strategy that is customized to their needs. FAMOID and their  experienced team helps them to ensure that the perfect media marketing campaign, that includes all the elements mentioned above, will reach the targeted amount of viewers and gain followers. 

Marketers trust the services at FAMOID to take every campaign to the next level. Understanding the needs of the industry allows FAMOID to offer instant solutions and they provide complete social media service experience that never disappoints. 

Full services are provided for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube helping to build any brand with likes, followers with a high generation of traffic that often leads to posts going viral. The packages provided deliver excellent services every time. 

Post Author: Avi Ben Ezra

Avi Ben Ezra is the CTO of SnatchBot. He invented a marketplace for chatbots that acts as a sharing economy model where hundreds of businesses can buy the same chatbot from developers. He is also an avid researcher in the field of AI and natural language processing (NLP). After helping businesses in France and Israel implement this technology with much success, Avi and his team is doing this on a global scale now.

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