How to Replace The Internal Hard Disk of PS4?

The PlayStation 4 Pro includes a hard disk drive of 1TB installed as the standard; however, if that is not sufficient storage space for your collection of games, then you will be able to change it, similar to PS4 systems previously. You’ll require Serial ATA of 2.5-inch internal drive, which is 9.5 mm or slimmer for this, as well as the biggest capacity commonly readily available in the market, is 2TB. Here’s the best internal hard drive replacement for PS4 Pro:

  • The plastic cover panel should be removed
  • On the back of the PS4 Pro, you’ll find a plastic panel covering the hard drive bay, use the small tab on completion alongside the ethernet port to stand out the panel off.
  • Eliminate the big screw
  • Utilizing a crosshead screwdriver, remove the screw holding the hard disk caddy in place
  • Glide out the hard disk caddy
  • Hook your fingers on both prongs at the end of the caddy, and use them to pull, as well as glide it out of the PS4 Pro
  • Get rid of the four small screws from the caddy
  • Eliminate the four little screws holding the hard disk drive right into the caddy, after that move the old eliminate
  • Put the new hard disk drive into the caddy
  • Slide your replacement disk drive into the caddy then make use of the four small screws to safeguard it in place
  • Put the caddy right into the PS4 Pro
  • Push the caddy strongly back into the PS4 Pro, up until it engages, as well as the big screw hole lines up, then replace the large screw
  • Replace the panel
  • Finally, change the panel via hooking it through the right-hand-side and then click it right into placement


Set up the current PS4 system software application

To get your new disk drive up and running, you’ll first require to initialize your PS4 Pro, as well as execute a new setup of the system software.

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