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A fully self-contained steam shower can convert your bathroom into a luxurious spa. One of the fully self-contained steam shower include Aerial platinum dz972F8 steam shower. It has everything you would want in a steam shower, easy to clean, maintain, great value for your money and is durable.

You can build a steam room in any space but the ideal space to construct one is gym room or bathroom. You will need to install a steam generator which heats the water to generate steam.  After an intense workout or long day at work, invigorate your body with this shower.

Aerial Steam Shower Reviews

If you have been in a spa, you have experienced the ultimate relaxation of a steam shower. Bring the same experience to your home with an Aerial steam shower. The moist and heat will melt away your stress.

The best steam shower like Aerial platinum dz972F8 steam shower is a fully self contain steam shower. No extra purchase of a steam generator, massage jets and rainfall shower head required. It comes with the following;

-A teak wooden floorboard

-Ventilation fan

-Massage jets

-6kw steam generator

-FM radio

-Rainfall shower head

-handheld shower

-Measures 59″ X 32″ X 87.4 inches, free standing.

Relax while listening to the radio. The acupressure massage jets will melt away your stress while refreshing your body. You have the option of infusing calming scents which will further calm your nerves.

If you work in a stressful environment, you deserve this type of relaxation. It is a 2 person unit and comes with 2 removable wooden stools.

Factors to consider before buying a steam shower


All steam showers come in different sizes. Before installing one in your gym or bathroom, measure the amount of space you have and buy a shower that will fit in the area. There are aerial steam showers that measure 59 x 32 x 87.4 inches, 47 x 35.4 x 89 inches or 59 x 32 x 87.4 inches.

Slip-proof Flooring

This is an important safety feature that you are not supposed to overlook. Buy a steam shower that have slip-proof flooring like the one reviewed above. Aerial platinum dz972F8 steam shower features a wooden flooring which is safe to use.

If you want to include essential oils in your steam shower, go for a textured surface that do not allow falls and slips.


Do not forget to check for warranty. A good steam shower is a bit pricy hence make sure its components are covered in the warranty.


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