The Main Advantages of Video Marketing

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These days, video marketing is gradually taking over the marketing world for good. While many companies are already taking advantage of the several benefits it has to offer businesses, a lot of people are yet to figure out how video marketing can be the game changer for their marketing strategy. Below are some main advantages of video marketing and why you should start implementing it today.

#1: Improves search engine positioning (SEO)

Uploading your video to YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms increases and significantly improve your positioning in major search engines, such as Google.  This strategy is very simple but really effective.

#2: Increases and improves your brand presence

You can transmit in just a few seconds the main values ​​of your brand. If you are the creative type, you will bring originality and character to your video.

#3: Virality

The videos suppose a content susceptible to be vitalized; people like to share them and, little by little, your network of influence will increase.

#4: It contributes content to your social networks. 

The importance of sharing valuable content on your social networks cannot be neglected. Video is one of the contents that works best in social networks in terms of scope, interaction and generation of ‘likes’.

#5: Generates engagement in the user

The truth is that video is one of the most consumed contents on the internet. Telling your story through images, with a careful script and a well-constructed structure will cause users to “fall in love” with you and want to know more. It is essential that you know well which is your target, to speak their own language and cause that linkage to be 100% effective.

#6: Increase in traffic to your web-media-online store

This first attraction that occurs in people watching your video seeks to trigger an interest in knowing your products and services in depth. Therefore, not only increase traffic to your website or online store, but it will be a valuable traffic, that is, you will derive users who are really interested in what you do. Therefore, if you also have online sales, you will see how your conversion ratio improves.

#7: Differentiation with respect to the competition 

Although the market is very competitive and there are probably many companies dedicated to something very similar to yours, if your video contains in a well-defined mission, vision and values ​​of your brand, you will be automatically be differentiating yourselves from your direct competition. You will add your own character and corporate image so that you will highlight those who have not used the same strategy, or who, having used it, probably have not done it in the same way.

#8: Relatively economic

Creating a video does not require a large investment compared to other types of conventional advertising actions. Therefore, it can be a good idea to start with online video when your budgets are somewhat adjusted. You can contact professional like Rebl House to help with your video and graphics marketing for optimum result.


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