The Outgoing Link Purchases For Your Choices Now

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Few outgoing links on the same page, each link has a high value. Many outgoing links: the value of each link on the page is greatly devalued. We talk about a lot of links around 10 to 15 outgoing links. When you get a link from a page, it is interesting to count the approximate number of outgoing links. As you purchase links you can find the best results present.

Concretely, our advice: The links you get must be on pages with few outgoing links.

Link anchor: an element to be handled with dexterity

The anchor of the link simply designates the text that supports it. For example, in the phrase “I use to improve my SEO,” the phrase “improve my SEO” is the anchor of the link.

Anchor is important because it tells Google and the user the content that can be expected by clicking on it. For this reason, it is advisable to choose descriptive expressions rather than anchors that do not provide any information about landing page content, such as “click here,”.

  • If you organize children’s camps, choose anchors such as “summer camp” or “summer stays for teens”. This will improve the positioning of your page on these keywords when users will type in Google Qualified traffic in perspective for you.
  • Concretely, our advice: Get links with diversified anchors, of which 20% maximum contain your main keyword.

Reciprocity: an increasingly important criterion

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The optimization of the anchors must however be carried out sparingly (see the paragraph: “Google Penguin: the ode to diversity”).

Let’s say you’re looking for a hotel review. A tour guide prides you on the merits of this hotel, but when you arrive on site you realize that the hotel is advertising for this tour guide that has convinced you to come.

What credibility do you now give to the guide’s advice?

It is less than before that’s certain. And for good reason, reciprocity is reminiscent of a “little arrangement between friends”: We advise you with my readers, you advise us to yours.

  • Google has everything planned. It is of course not forbidden to present your partners on your site, even if they already present you on theirs. But do not expect mirobolant results in terms of referencing: the agreements of the type “I make a link to your site, you make a link to my site” are “flag” for Google, which is not fooled by your small game.

To avoid reciprocity, it is possible to create triangular partnerships, which involve 3 different sites. The principle is simple: if you have two websites, you can use one to receive a link and the other to link to your partner’s page:

Triangular exchange: Your first site receives a link from a partner page, your second site sends a link to your partner. 


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