There are largely 3 types of hackers- black, white, and grey. Although there can further be many categories, the larger part of the population considers these as the main branches for other types to pipe in through. Hacking involves intrusion into a network, which can be permitted or illegal based on the way that it is conducted.

White hackers are ethical hackers. The black hat hackers are unethical hackers and the grey hat hacker is a combination of both. The colors here signify the relationship between the hacker, the system they’re attacking, and the cause of that attack. This causes the variation in the jobs of all the hackers.


These are essentially the ethical hackers that are working with an organization with their permission and trying to strengthen their system. He can engage with the possible targets and use the prescribed rules to deal with them. He has to make sure that the system is safe from any possible weakness or vulnerability that makes them more prone to such an activity. They hence use various tools, techniques, and methodologies to secure an organization’s information systems. They are hence the legal workers, with the adequate permissions to conduct such an exercise.


They are those individuals that work to gain unauthorized access to a network to gain information for all the wrong reasons. They can damage the system by compromising the security network and trying to break in, to gain control over the system. They can gain system information, financial information or other private confidential or personal data. Through such an exercise, they are the illegal workers and have no permission to access the system that they are using. They are only the cause of damage to necessary information for their benefit. It can cause you to shut down your system entirely.


The grey hat hackers are those who break into the system like the black hat hackers but do so for the right reasons. Therefore, they can adequately inform of all the weaknesses of a system and the loopholes in the security procedure, thereby saving the system from any harmful or malicious break-in. Using malicious ways as that of a black hat hacker, they are the correct judges of the strength of a particular security system. They are hence equally necessary for the intelligence systems and play a large role in the safety of the same.

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