What is web designing? What do web designers do?


Websites have become an integral part of doing business these days. There is hardly any business or companies, which do not own a website.  Websites take your services and products to the customer doorstep. Customers from around the world can know about the company, business, services offered and products through websites. Websites not only bring in new clients and business, the, in fact, leaves a footprint of your business online.

Now the question arises what is web designing and what do these web designers do.

Definition of web designing

The word web designing refers to the process of planning, creating and designing a website as per client’s requirement. The IT professional who designs a website is known as a web designer. The demand and need for web designing and designers have increased significantly in the past few years.

Web designing is a long process; it includes various aspects.  Some of the important aspects that web designing includes are creating a layout, coding, formatting, content creation and addition, graphic designing, and color therapy. Only a skilled designer will be able to apply his skills effectively. One such skilled and professional company offering designing service is Web design NYC.

In simple words, web designing is a part of a complex process known as web development. A person to be called a web designer must have knowledge of working on a computer, graphic and technical skills. He or she needs to know how to code and coding languages like HTML and CSS.

A website designed by an individual or a web designer gets displayed on the internet. The website is viewed by the customer to determine whether or not to hire the services of the company or buy their products. Hence, it is important that a website is designed to form a user experience point of view. User experience or UX is the skill that helps a web designer to visualize the design and layout of a website that makes viewing and using easy for the customers.

What does a web designer do?

As pointed out earlier in the article a web designer is responsible for creating a website that is attractive and functional. A professional web designer like web design NYC plays an important role in the growth and development of modern business.

Important duties and responsibilities of a web designer are as follows:

  1. The main responsibility of a web designer is catering to the needs of a client. He must carefully understand the needs of a customer and then design a website that is user-friendly. In other, a web designer must be able to put the requirement of the clients into the concept.
  1. A designer must have the ability to do multiple jobs simultaneously. He has followed a strict schedule and begins with organizing the information, creating layout and content and then design the site.
  1. The next responsibility of a web designer is to make the layout and font, the texture of the website look and feel good. Knowledge of a web designer on coding languages like HTML and CSS helps a designer to create unique and professional web sites.
  1. The last important responsibility of a web designer is to ensure the site can be navigated by the user easily.


Websites are important for the growth of your business. But hire professional web designers or companies, who can effectively represent your company on the internet. Hiring professionals like Web design NYC makes sure that the website design does what it is meant to do.

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